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Hi Guys!!! For my upcoming uploads, I will be using other hosting sites like FileServe, Megaupload, 4shared, and Rapidshare! So if you guys want to vote where should I put my files, let me know!

Most of my links are still hosted on
so you don't have to worry guys!

* No waiting time before download starts
* Download Accelerators are Allowed!
* No need to sign-in/sign-up
* Unlimited Bandwith
* No download limits
* Parallel downloads Allowed!
* No Passwords required!

Nice ey!!!


Oh by the way, you have to look for your artists, bands, albums, etc. below. Thanks!

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Support Me:

Ei guys! A little help here... files on FileServe will be deleted within 90 days without download hits, so I'm asking you guys to please share everything here on my site to your family, friends, colleagues or to anyone you've just met... this is to keep my files on their (FileServe) server... Thanks a lot!!!

And please do
CLICK SOME ADS, one click per day will be awesome! This will be a great help to keep this site, Free Mp3 and Album Downloads alive and kicking all through out the year! Thanks!

I'm Into It!!!
I know you guys have a lot of files on your computers, such as movies, music, and everything... and you only have a small amount of file storage... 80gb or 160gb of HDD won't do! How about... an online storage??? like you have your own hard drive everywhere you go??? Join now at FileServe and receive a 500gb of storage... and there's more! sign up as a premium user and get yourself these deals:

*Maximum download speeds

*Download directly without waiting time and ads
*Unlimited parallel downloads
*Support for download accelerators
*Unlimited personal storage
*Forever storage time of your files
*Resume aborted downloads
*Upload up to 2GB sized files
*No daily limit on downloads

for as low as
$4.99 (1day trial) to a max of $99.99 for 730 days! that's like only 13 cents a day!

If you guys want to have this offer, click the link/image below and you're on your way!

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